Wednesday, November 4, 2009

First space hotel to open by 2012‎

The Barcelona-based Galactic Suite Ltd. says it will be ready to serve space tourists in the first space hotel by the year 2012.

It would cost $4.4 million for a three-night stay at the Galactic Suite Space Resort, including an eight-week training course on a tropical island.

Guests would be able to see the sunrise 15 times a day and travel around the Earth every 80 minutes, Reuters reported.

It would take a day and a half for travelers to arrive at the pod where they would be able to move by using velcro suits and sticking to the walls.

Galactic Suite Ltd. officials hope their project will pave the way for the future of space tourism.

"It's very normal to think that your children, possibly within 15 years, could spend a weekend in space," Galactic Suite Ltd. CEO and former aerospace engineer Xavier Claramunt told Reuters Television.

Galactic Suite Ltd. will start the multi-billion-dollar project with a single pod in orbit 450 km above the earth, traveling at 30,000 km per hour and the capacity to hold four guests and two astronaut-pilots.

"When the passengers arrive in the rocket, they will join it for 3 days, rocket and capsule," Claramunt explained.

"With this we create in the tourist a confidence that he hasn't been abandoned. After 3 days the passenger returns to the transport rocket and returns to earth."

According to Claramunt, an anonymous billionaire has donated $3 billion to the project and the company says it will transport its guests in Russian rockets from a spaceport to be built on an island in the Caribbean.

At least 43 people have reserved rooms at the hotel so far.

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